Sunday, August 29, 2010

He is here! He is up! [on the DP website]. And for sale!!

Gee, I meant the title to infer Keenan is up on the DP website, capable of being purchased. Nothing sordid, though according to him . . . "at fifty, he's doing just fine, thank you very much. . ."
I have joined several author related blogspots and am in the process of lining up interviews.
This author promo stuff is hard.
Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on The List

14,000 words. All came within a span of 4-5 days. Incredible. 
My trick: Every night, I fell asleep while meditating over how to make it better. In the morning I opened the file and made changes I'd not consciously considered. No new scenes were created, but they were enhanced. What a blast this has been.
For one scene I brought in 4 characters from two other Class of '85 stories. I had fun; I think they did, also. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The List

While waiting for the DP editor to ask for edits on Those Who Wait, I wanted to create a story for the Class of '85,  a series published by The Wild Rose Press featuring heroes and heroines who return to their 25th high school reunion.

Of all the stories submitted to the series, and there are some beauties, but none have featured revenge. That's when The List was conceived.

Fiona Agatha Thorpe, once known as Fat Aggie and Thunder Thighs, was tormented during her entire school life, K thru 12, because of her size--300+ pounds. Now more than half her former size and a successful modeling agent, Fee attends the reunion, list of names in hand, with two goals in mind: exact revenge on those who tormented her and perhaps find a few new models for her stable of large size and mature models, male and female.

Within hours three names are crossed off the piece of paper. By the end of the evening it is whittled down to one: Mick Dineen, ring leader of the gang who ran her favorite Miss Piggy nightie up the flag pole in front of school, casting a shadow--literally and figuratively--over Moving Up Day ceremonies.

Imagine Fee's surprise when she turns to the handsome man sitting beside her at an awards banquet, about to offer him a modeling contract, but he tells her needs to make amends first. Mickey Dineen, model gorgeous, modern day Paladin, fighting the good battle for those who lose to school yard bullies.

Who can take revenge against someone like this?
Read The List to find out!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here he is: Keenan Rossi in the flesh

This has all happened so fast, it's unbelievable.
I just received the cover art for my new story, Those Who Wait.
they did a fantastic job
hope you enjoy

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The contract is signed and sent!

I admit I was getting a tad nervous when the contract didn't arrive and I'd blabbed it all over my loops.
But--it arrived last night. It turns out this publisher is based in Alaska--which explains why I received responses to questions long LONG after close of business EST.

It is signed and will go out in today's mail. It's kind of fun contributing to cover art and blurbs and excerpts. Way cool.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting the lay of the land

Just so everyone is on the same page, the little ones pictured above and below are two of my grandchildren, Meredith Sinead [4] and Owen Liam [2]. They are among the brightest lights in my life.
I am blessed to have four gorgeous grandchildren who mean more to me than words will ever describe.
These particular pictures were taken in August 2010 immediately prior to a kiddie parade which kicked off the annual fireman's carnival in the kids' hometown in Western New York. Their mother, my daughter, made the costumes.
It rained of course. The adults were disappointed; the kids thought it was great--probably because it was hot as blazes and no thunder sounded.
Oh what a night

The Lighthouse

I love lighthouses.
Adore them.
For their appearance, the role they have played in history, the possibilities for stories.

One of Nora Roberts' category romances, part of the MacGregor Series, featured a reclusive hero who lived in a lighthouse and made a living as a creator of a comic strip.
He lived in a lighthouse. How cool is that?
The Charlotte lighthouse overlooks the Genesee River where it feeds into Lake Ontario at Summerville. It is a lovely old building, as charming as the picture depicts.
It will be featured regularly in future stories.

You Never Know

     While sitting in a nasty smelling Tucson [my husband is a fisherman so the fishy odors are part of the package] this past Wednesday night, reading reviews from the latest RT Bookclub I came across an article about a new electronic publisher who is looking for submissions to their Late Escape line [baby boomer-aged heroes and heroines]. 
Baby boomers. Right up my alley. No one is more attractive to me than a man who's been around the block a time or two and is past needing to suck in his gut because he thinks it hypes the attraction factor. Unh huh, pal. Make me laugh and I'm your slave for life. 
       I went home, dusted off a short story I wrote long ago and never found a home for, tweaked it a bit, and submitted to this publisher first thing Thursday morning. Then I set out to create a second author name.  It didn't take as long as I feared. Veronica Lynch is a legend among the women in my family. One of the first single women in Syracuse NY who proved a woman didn't need a wedding ring on her finger to be worthwhile. My kind of feminist role model.
     On Friday I received an email from the publisher, saying they loved it, wanted to contract it, would I consider making it longer? Sure thing, I said.  Not so easy, at it turns out, but I managed to get it to 5200 words. Sent it in Sunday afternoon. Fingers remain crossed. 
     On to creating a blog. A website [heh heh] will come later.  Much later.  Likely never.