Sunday, August 15, 2010

The List

While waiting for the DP editor to ask for edits on Those Who Wait, I wanted to create a story for the Class of '85,  a series published by The Wild Rose Press featuring heroes and heroines who return to their 25th high school reunion.

Of all the stories submitted to the series, and there are some beauties, but none have featured revenge. That's when The List was conceived.

Fiona Agatha Thorpe, once known as Fat Aggie and Thunder Thighs, was tormented during her entire school life, K thru 12, because of her size--300+ pounds. Now more than half her former size and a successful modeling agent, Fee attends the reunion, list of names in hand, with two goals in mind: exact revenge on those who tormented her and perhaps find a few new models for her stable of large size and mature models, male and female.

Within hours three names are crossed off the piece of paper. By the end of the evening it is whittled down to one: Mick Dineen, ring leader of the gang who ran her favorite Miss Piggy nightie up the flag pole in front of school, casting a shadow--literally and figuratively--over Moving Up Day ceremonies.

Imagine Fee's surprise when she turns to the handsome man sitting beside her at an awards banquet, about to offer him a modeling contract, but he tells her needs to make amends first. Mickey Dineen, model gorgeous, modern day Paladin, fighting the good battle for those who lose to school yard bullies.

Who can take revenge against someone like this?
Read The List to find out!


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